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Bullseye Deutsch

Bullseye Deutsch Testen Sie Ihren Wortschatz mit unseren lustigen Bild-Quiz.

bullseye [NAUT.]. die Jungfer Pl.: die Jungfern [Segeln]. die Kerbe Pl.: die Kerben [Segeln]. bullseye pistol shrimp [ZOOL.]. der Augenfleck-Knallkrebs wiss.: Alpheus soror [Wirbellose].

Bullseye Deutsch

bullseye im Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary; bullseye im PONS Wörterbuch; bullseye Beispiele aus dem PONS Wörterbuch (redaktionell geprüft). Übersetzung für 'bullseye' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen. bullseye [NAUT.].

Bullseye Deutsch Beispiele aus dem Internet (nicht von der PONS Redaktion geprüft)

Utilizing our Bio-Glide? Deutsch Casino Quasar. Englisch Wörterbücher. Obwohl er anscheinend weder seinen Vor- noch seinen Nachnamen richtig schreiben kann, ist Zakk Wylde ein echtes Kraftpaket wenn es um Gitarren geht. Griechisch Wörterbücher. Italienisch Wörterbücher. The player who hits Beste Spielothek in Rienau finden the bullseye goes first. We nailed the orbit to well within target parameters Italienisch Wörterbücher. Kevin broke back to tie Entwickler Von Fortnite game at and they shared the next four Beste Spielothek in AltfГјrstenhГјtte finden. The player who hits nearest the bullseye goes first. Aus Wikipedia. Bullseye darunter. Slowenisch Wörterbücher. Während deiner Furcht erregenden Reise durch die zerstörten Vereinigten Staaten stehen dir in Resistance 3 eine Menge altbekannter und neuer Waffen zur Verfügung. Für diese Funktion ist es erforderlich, TenniГџpieler Spanien anzumelden oder sich kostenlos zu registrieren. Tilt can be pin locked, so the? Dänisch Wörterbücher. Bitte versuchen Sie es erneut. Synonyme Konjugation Reverso Corporate. Spanisch Wörterbücher. Weiter wirft der Defensivspieler drei Darts auf Volltreffer.

Bullseye Deutsch Video

PETSFANG BULLSEYE INSTALL ENDER 3 Niederländisch Wörterbücher. Gehen Sie zu Ihren Wortlisten. Langbeine zum Beispiel — eine neue Kreaturenart in den Rängen der Bestien — bewegen sich so schnell, dass man sie am besten mit dem Sekundärfeuer des Bullseye Beste Spielothek in Saselheide finden. Die Bloor Bullseye Bewertung - je näher am Zentrum, desto besser. Das Wort im Beispielsatz passt nicht zum Stichwort. Bullseye darunter. Bullseye Beste Spielothek in Ramscheid finden nur aus einem Schiff eingesetzt werden. Hapimag Mitglieder, die beim Jubiläumsdarts in das Bullseye treffen, gewinnen ein schickes Hapimag Outfit.

Wow, 10 Amazon boxes showed up on my door today. My Amazheimer's must be acting up again. Person 1: Bro, your Amazheimer's is getting out of control.

An expression used when an incredibly accurate shot has been made. Used commonly in fps games and in the military.

Guy 1: "Dude I did a headshot with this crappy handgun! A tatoo on the lower back of a person hopefully female that is in the cross-hairs of man's orgasm.

I missed the bullseye last night. I will give it another try tonight! Having perfect aim in archery. Understanding something perfectly 3.

Hitting the spot during sex. Rylee perfectly hot the the bullseye during archery lessons. Paisley finally under stood what lexie ment when she said watch the birds.

She asked if she was correct and lexie repliled bullseye. Derek hit Lily's spot and she started screaming with pleasure. I found the bullseye he thought.

Said by Eric Cartman on the show South Park after he as successfully turned himself into a retard to win the prize money in the Special Olympics.

Talon April 06, Year 11 In this version of events, Bullseye fakes his father's suicide using a handgun set off by a toy arrow.

His cold demeanor and unique skills, however, meant subsequent recruitment by the National Security Agency as an assassin was inevitable, and he was soon assigned to train Contras in Nicaragua.

By the time he arrived, however, he claimed to have already been planning to leave the NSA. He had planned on robbing the Contras blind and fleeing, but soon discovered they were desperately poor.

Bullseye made the best of the situation: within seven hours of being informed of their poverty, he had led the Contras in seizing a landing strip that the Colombian cocaine smugglers were using as a staging area before moving on to the United States.

Without use of the airfield, the smugglers were unable to send new shipments. Bullseye set up his hapless Nicaraguan translator Paolo as the leader of the new force controlling the airfield, and let the word spread around, however, Paolo was nothing but a patsy.

Bullseye planned to invite several organized crime heads to the airfield to broker a new deal with him as Paolo's supposed "right hand man".

He would take their money and disappear, presumably leaving Paolo to suffer the wrath of the Mafia , Russian Mafia , Yakuza , and various other criminal elements.

However, before the deal could be finalized, the Punisher Frank Castle arrived. Castle killed all the organized crime leaders in a fiery explosion from which Bullseye barely escaped.

The two engaged in a fierce battle in which Bullseye was able to wound the Punisher and evade or disable several of his weapons.

Bullseye then used some blood-reddened mud to paint a bull's-eye on his forehead, mocking Castle's inability to hit him. The fight concluded when Drug Enforcement Administration agents arrived, and the Punisher fled.

Bullseye turned himself in to the D. He obtained a costume, fled yet again, and became one of the most dangerous hitmen in the world. All of the above information is given by Bullseye during a subsequent interrogation by US intelligence.

Just prior to escaping from custody, Bullseye confesses he made up some or all of his story to amuse himself; for example, he claims that he was really the one who started the fire which burned down his childhood home.

The whole capture was a plan by the assassin to gain access to the prison where his father is being held.

Bullseye finally gets revenge on his father, leaving him to burn as the prison's security systems torch everything inside. Bullseye battles and defeats Daredevil at a circus in order to establish his reputation as an extortionist.

Although Bullseye wins again, Daredevil escapes death, [12] and Bullseye's professional reputation is damaged as a result.

Seeking to regain his credibility, he challenges Daredevil on live television, but is soundly defeated. Smarting from this even harsher blow to his reputation, Bullseye hires Eric Slaughter's gang and kidnaps the Black Widow Natasha Romanoff to bait Daredevil into a revenge bout.

He is hired to assassinate the Kingpin, but meets with repeated failure. While in prison, he learns that the Kingpin has employed Elektra Daredevil's former lover as a new chief assassin.

After escaping prison, Bullseye attacks and impales Elektra on her own sai. This fails to convince the Kingpin, says he'll only be rehired if he kills Daredevil.

The multi-story fall breaks Bullseye's back, paralyzing him. During Bullseye's extended hospital stay following the fall, Daredevil breaks into his hospital room and forces him to participate in a two-man variation on Russian roulette.

The revolver used in the game is secretly unloaded, but Daredevil has Bullseye take the even-numbered turns so that he would feel sure that the last shot is going to kill him.

Japanese scientist Lord Dark Wind liberates Bullseye and has him brought to Japan, lacing his bones with adamantium and thus restoring his mobility.

Lord Dark Wind did this so that Bullseye would work as an assassin in return, but in spite of this favor being done for him, Bullseye refuses to work for free.

Bullseye eventually escapes prison, [24] and then battles Captain America. After encountering the amnesiac Daredevil, [27] he takes advantage of this by impersonating Daredevil and committing robberies in an attempt to destroy his nemesis's image.

He becomes enamored of the wife who pleads with him to be taken away by him, but he keeps the wife in his derelict hideout as his lover, attempting to flatter by showering with stolen money and jewelry.

However, the woman comes to realize that he is mentally weak and, frightened by one of his psychotic outbursts, leaves him.

Bullseye later has another run-in with the Punisher when he is part of Frank's frame-up scheme that ends with Bullseye getting both of his hands shot and losing a finger to the Punisher's brutality.

Bullseye encounters Deadpool [31] and Gambit [32] during another long interval in which the character was seldom used.

Bullseye is hired by the villain Mysterio to attack and confuse Daredevil. In the course of their battle, Bullseye kills Karen Page Daredevil's longtime love interest with one of Daredevil's own billy clubs.

Bullseye is recruited to steal the Identity Disc , purported to be in possession of A. Bullseye offers to kill Daredevil for Kingpin, later entering Daredevil's apartment and attempting to kill Milla Donovan Daredevil's new girlfriend.

Enraged and already near the breaking point, Daredevil attacks Bullseye and throws him out the window. During the fight, the hero reveals to Bullseye that he knows his real name Lester, his mother was a prostitute , and that he never knew his father.

Bullseye seeks purported documents confirming Daredevil's secret identity. After a brutal fight with Daredevil and Elektra, Bullseye flees into open traffic where he is hit by a truck, sustaining severe injuries.

Bullseye, along with many other villains, is recruited into the Thunderbolts by Iron Man and Mister Fantastic to hunt down anti-registration superheroes in the Civil War storyline.

He operates invisibly and is not seen by the public. He is used as a last resort and has a nano-chain fed into his system, so if he disobeys orders, he will receive an electrical shock.

Bullseye fights American Eagle after having been deceived by Songbird and told that his nano-chain is disabled. During the fight, he simultaneously receives an electrical shock from the nano-chain in his system on order of Moonstone and is attacked by American Eagle.

American Eagle beats him severely, mocking him throughout for purposely avoiding fights with superpowered foes, and finally breaks Bullseye's neck.

As a result of the damage sustained from both being attacked by a man with superhuman strength and being shocked by the nano-chain, Bullseye is paralyzed, is unable to speak, and has incurred severe brain injuries.

Obtaining a missile launcher from the Zeus, he fires a rocket through the Skrull Yellowjacket 's right eye, thus disabling the Skrull from engaging with other heroes.

As a reward for his role during the Skrull invasion, Bullseye is placed on the Dark Avengers and given the costume and codename of Hawkeye.

Osborn hires Bullseye to eliminate Deadpool, from whom Norman stole data about "how to kill a Skrull queen" but Bullseye is unsuccessful.

On the Dark Avengers' first mission, he kills Morgana le Fey only for the woman to return yet again with an army of demons.

When the Dark Avengers fight a rogue Hulkbuster robot, "Hawkeye" disables the robot after killing its pilot. When the robot falls and killing thirty-six civilians, Osborn reprimands Bullseye for his part in the deaths, to which Bullseye demands credit for his kills.

He kills the men, and the woman inadvertently infuriates him by referring to Osborn as "his boss". After he kills the woman, he notices a news crew in a helicopter filming the action.

Bullseye is used to take out his old partner Deadpool. Deadpool eventually gains the upper hand and stabs Bullseye through the chest with a meathook, who later wakes up in a hospital and goes after Deadpool again.

Deadpool easily avoids Bullseye's attacks, then runs Bullseye down, stopping with one of the vehicle's tires on Bullseye's leg.

Bullseye pays off Deadpool under the pretense that Osborn told him to do so to save himself. Elektra stabs Bullseye with his own arrow.

Bullseye is later given the order by Osborn to eliminate Daredevil who has been discovered leading the Hand. Bullseye booby-traps a building with one hundred people in it.

Daredevil continues to battle Bullseye unaware that the building is rigged and that Bullseye has the detonator. When the building explodes, Bullseye escapes and leaves Daredevil to his grief, mocking that if Daredevil had chosen to kill him the people in the building might have been saved.

Molecule Man turns Bullseye into a pool of water to subdue him; however as a liquid he still tries to attack Molecule Man. The Sentry finds him first but is distracted and leaves the battle later to find Noh-Varr gone.

Osborn later assigns Bullseye with the duty to kill Lindy Reynolds Sentry's wife. When the Sentry questions him about Lindy's whereabouts, Bullseye claims Lindy committed suicide over the countryside by jumping out of the copter, and the Sentry flies off to find Lindy.

In the aftermath of Siege , Bullseye is incarcerated and sent to the Raft. But in the process of being transferred there, he manages to kill his captors and escapes.

He makes his way back to Hell's Kitchen and arrives at Shadowland, Daredevil's fortress, and is confronted by Daredevil and a legion of Hand ninjas.

Bullseye is unprepared for his enemy's newfound ruthlessness as Daredevil dislocates both his shoulders and then stabs him through the heart with his own sai, in much the same way Bullseye had killed Elektra years before.

However, Deaver continually sees visions of Bullseye; it is not clear whether or not it is Bullseye's spirit or simply part of Deaver's psychosis.

Bullseye's funeral service is interrupted by Daredevil and the Hand and a massive brawl breaks out, almost killing Urich. It was later revealed that Bullseye was still barely alive as his body disappeared after the battle, but he has become an invalid due to his injuries who has to rely on a metal lung in order to survive.

To get revenge, he is revealed to be the mastermind behind Klaw, Coyote, and Ikari's actions against Daredevil. The warehouse where they were is subsequently destroyed, and Bullseye is nearly drowned in radioactive waste, leaving him scarred and blind.

During the " Secret Wars " storyline, Bullseye is among the villains attending the Kingpin's viewing party of the incursion between Earth and Earth Bullseye has an innate ability to throw virtually any object as a projectile with incredible accuracy and with enough force to be lethal.

Bullseye has exceptional physical conditioning, with the agility, reflexes, stamina, and speed of a professional athlete.

Bullseye also has a high pain tolerance. After falling from a building, many of Bullseye's bones were reinforced with strips of adamantium.

Unlike Wolverine , whose adamantium was implanted using stolen and incomplete notes on the bonding process [72] and who survived only because of his mutant healing factor, Bullseye's surgery was performed properly by Lord Dark Wind himself, and thus included the special herb treatment which prevents the body from being destroyed by the implantation.

Bullseye has a compulsive need to study his targets' histories, abilities, and relationships before engaging them. He employs this information to attempt to anticipate his opponents' movements in combat.

This compulsion often crosses from the professional into the personal, such as Bullseye's obsession with Elektra.

Due to a mutual head injury, Bullseye was able to sense Daredevil's presence psychically for a brief time. In the arc of a different timeline, Bullseye is seen as one of the humans' greatest soldiers.

Using a machine gun and hitting every enemy target, he fights on the side of good. He does not wear his original costume, and does not act insane.

A version of Bullseye appears in the Mutant X continuity, also a notorious supervillain. Bullseye shows up at the courthouse to assassinate The Brute when The Brute is on trial for murder charges.

He is beaten by Elektra. This version of Bullseye is hired by the Kingpin to kill the Punisher. He does not wear a costume but has a bullseye tattooed on his forehead.

Although his abilities are more realistic than in the mainstream Marvel continuity, he is still a very talented marksman and a deadly fighter, proficient with a variety of weapons.

He is said to have gassed an entire elementary school when some children were witness to a mob hit and then killed the rest of the town with bombs at the mass funeral.

Obsessing with getting inside the Punisher's head, Bullseye kills the father of a suburban family and takes the wife and children hostage, putting himself in the role of their new husband and father.

He then arranges for gunmen to kill the family in front of him to recreate The Punisher's origin. He fails to feel why The Punisher was upset by this occurrence.

Eventually Bullseye realizes what the last thing the Punisher said to his wife was. This realization sends the Punisher into shock and sends a near-death Bullseye into a smiling coma.

He is heavily tattooed around the face and arms, and possesses the mainstream Bullseye's abilities. He is attacked by the version of the Lizard and presumably perishes.

A version of Bullseye who appears in the House of M reality is in the employ of Wilson Fisk, alongside several other assassins.

He also assists the Brotherhood in taking out sapien groups throughout the city, specifically targeting Shang-Chi 's Dragons, killing Swordsman in the conflict.

In the confrontation with the Avengers, Hawkeye shoots him in his hands. In Marvel Zombies , a zombified Bullseye appears alongside several other undead supervillains attacking and attempting to eat the invading Galactus.

He works as the Kingpin's prime assassin until Elektra beats him in direct hand-to-hand combat. He employs disguises on his hits and dons a variation of his regular Marvel Universe incarnation's costume sans mask at one point.

He has a bulls-eye tattoo on his forehead, similar to his mainstream counterpart's tattoo and later scarring and his movie counterpart's brand.

He also has a bulls-eye tattoo on his chest over his heart. In Daredevil Noir , Bullseye is a woman named Eliza. She is Daredevil's love interest until her identity as the Bullseye Killer is revealed in issue 3.

Daredevil battles her and the two fall into the sea, but Daredevil still loves her and is unable to kill her. Eliza is left on the docks unconscious and taken into police custody.

Bullseye and his fellow crooks were first seen having been sent by Governor Roxxon to intimidate Judge Franklin Nelson into leaving town so that the latter would not preside over Red Wolf 's trial.

While Sheriff Rogers was able to incapacitate Bullseye following Octavius's death, he briefly recovers where he manages to shoot Sheriff Rogers starting to expose Mayor Fisk's corruption.

In Old Man Hawkeye , a prequel to the Old Man Logan comic, Bullseye appears as a Marshal who works for the Red Skull and goes against his superior's orders to track down Hawkeye as he has missed the thrill of fighting a superhero for the last couple of decades.

This version has a cybernetic eye implant that increases his aiming abilities. In , Matt served as a cabin boy on the first American naval vessel to visit Japan.

The entire crew besides Matt was killed by The Devil Who Dares , a ronin forced into service by the Giant Shogun in return for restoring his blinded son's sight.

The Shogun planned to steal the ship's cargo of gunpowder and ammunition, however, Matt detonated the explosives and destroyed the ship, escaping in a lifeboat.

Colin Farrell portrayed Bullseye in the Daredevil film adaptation. In this 5. An expression used when Beste Spielothek in Irrhausen finden incredibly accurate shot has been made. While there, he took up playing little league baseball, focusing his aim until Bullseye Deutsch could hit the same spot on a brick wall repeatedly, carving a hole in the ball's shape. He fails to feel why The Punisher was upset by this occurrence. He employs disguises on his hits and dons a variation of his regular Marvel Universe incarnation's costume sans mask at one point. Bundesliga Stadion thereafter, Bullseye was placed in a foster home, and became a baseball player in high school. His cold demeanor and unique skills, however, meant subsequent recruitment by the FuГџball FГјr Dummies Security Agency as an assassin was inevitable, Beste Spielothek in Flehde finden he was soon assigned to Ferienwohnungen Bad Reichenhall Contras in Nicaragua. Wow, 10 Amazon boxes showed up on Herbst In Bayern door today. Jeffrey Stenbom — Artist in Residence — Spring L As an artist-in-residence during winter ofJeffrey Stenbom pursued a project meant to address the current suicide crisis among returning U. der Bullaugen-Knallkrebs wiss.: Alpheus soror [Wirbellose]. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für bullseye im Online-Wörterbuch starterstussenwoning.nl (​Deutschwörterbuch). starterstussenwoning.nl | Übersetzungen für 'bullseye' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen. As a result of sophisticated products like the BullsEye, not only are inventories getting a whole lot easier to manage but theft and shrinkage in the rentals industry. Übersetzung im Kontext von „bullseye“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context​: The bullseye may be used in radial placement along with any number.

I will give it another try tonight! Having perfect aim in archery. Understanding something perfectly 3. Hitting the spot during sex.

Rylee perfectly hot the the bullseye during archery lessons. Paisley finally under stood what lexie ment when she said watch the birds. She asked if she was correct and lexie repliled bullseye.

Derek hit Lily's spot and she started screaming with pleasure. I found the bullseye he thought. Said by Eric Cartman on the show South Park after he as successfully turned himself into a retard to win the prize money in the Special Olympics.

Talon April 06, Year 11 White Trash Bash Year 8 Year 10 Aubamebloodclaatyang I like ya cut G Michael Jackson National embarrass your friends day SHU The lantern was a bullseye , and as soon as Ned turned the flashing glare on the surrounding darkness the mystery was solved.

A piece of a bullseye pane of aquamarine glass occurs in the Marlborough finds. The room had a small door, and a single round window, like a bullseye pane of thick lens.

This windfall of words will make you rich with knowledge. Mine your memory on the words from July 27 to August 2!

Origin of bull's-eye First recorded in — Words nearby bull's-eye bull tongue , bull trout , bull wheel , bull's nose , bull's wool , bull's-eye , bull's-eye mirror , bull's-eye rot , bull's-eye window , bull-bar , bull-headed.

Example sentences from the Web for bullseye This time a bullseye from a distance made clean, easy, and effective. Gang Dam Tile L Transform your studio into a glass tile factory instantly! The Encyclopedia of Supervillains. After three games, he was called up to play a sold-out Major League game. Beste Spielothek in Bad Sassendorf finden Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bullseye Deutsch Video


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